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I’m in a “wanna show y’all my pretty face but know that’s a bad decision in the long run” mood soooooo here’s a cheeky photo.

To each their own… 
All these girls like

Hashtag pray for Miley Cyrus!!

Shut the fuck up.

Pray for everyone that is struggling with their health. Whether it is mental or physical. Don’t single one person out due to their famosity. Pray for the people who have been sitting in the hospital for months waiting for better results, pray for the woman waiting on her news about where her kidney is going to come from. Pray for the kids family that lost their father to cancer. Pray for the husband that just got news of his wife gaining full recovery. Pray for the little boy that must be away from his family to gain recovery from his mental illness. Pray for the newborn that barely made it. PRAY FOR EVERYONE WHO IS SUFFERING NOT JUST THE FAMOUS PEOPLE

My thumbnail changes colors 😻💜